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More than 10 Year experience professional full-time tutor for Economics 

Brian Wong has more than 10 years of full-time experience for teaching students in the different public exam include UK A level, IB, IGCSE, HKDSE, University level. He is one of the most famous economics tutors for international syllabus in Hong Kong. Brian graduated from CUHK in 2005 major in Economics, his university entrance grade is Top 5 among the hundred classmates of the economics department in that year. He also obtains a Master of Science degree in Accounting. Brian knows how to handle public exam with special technics. He also referenced with many famous UK school's teaching methods to enhance his teaching quality in the past 10 years. He is one of the very few highly experience tutor in the economics teaching field.  

What make the difference?

Brian uses his own notes and materials for teaching, he tries to simplify most of the difficult contents into some simple ideas. He mainly emphasis on exam skills training in the lessons which is the most important factor for achieving a good grade.   
Brian's service fee is similar to some tutorial centre's tutor's fee but lower than those highly experienced tutor. It means you can obtain a high quality of service with a lower level of the service fee. The main reason is Brian run his own business and try to maintain all the cost in an acceptable range to avoid charging at a very high fee. Brian also opens different kind of classes which the fee are as low as $300 per session which make the professional quality of service at a reasonable price.  
Brian's Students

Brian's Students come from different famous school all over Hong Kong. Including Chinese International School (CIS), German-Swiss (GSIS). South Island School (SIS), Island School, West Island, French International (FIS),  Hong Kong International School (HKIS), United World College HK. 

Brian is also famous for teaching UK A level syllabus. His students come from more than 40 different UK school from East to the west of the UK such as Brighton College, Concord, Headington School, Wellington, King's College, Cardiff Sixth Form, etc.  See the below UK map which is labelled by my students

Many of my students achieved excellent grades in different public exams. Many A to A* in the UK A level, Level 7 for IB, A* in IGCSE. I am glad that some student improved from C in school to A in the final exam. I am a tutor that emphasis on student's improvement instead advertises myself as some stars.  

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