More than 10 Year experience professional full time tutor for Economics 逾10年經驗專業經濟科導師-專補IB, Alevel,IGCSE
TEL / Text: 97905070

Brian Wong have more than 10 years full time experience for teaching students in different public exam include UK A level, IB , IGCSE, HKDSE, University level. He is one of the most famous economics tutor for different international syllabus in Hong Kong. 

Proven Record
Students come form all over UK!
​學生來自英國數十間不同的學校, 下面英國地圖上每張貼紙都代表一位學生及其英國學校的位置, 足證資深經驗及實力 ! Brian 是不折不扣的Alevel 及國際考試專家!

​Tel: 97905070

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Education Centre located
in Sheung Wan near MTR.

Brian Wong Eonomics Education

Fee for IB/ Alevel $750/hr
Fee for IGCSE/ DSE $700/hr
Skype online service is available 
Three students can form a study group 

基準收費為每小時750, 部份課程的優惠收費為700每小時.
IB 3人以上小組每人為450/小時
About Brian Wong 

Graduated form the CUHK Economics Department. Top 5 Public exam (AL) entrance grade among all new economics student in 2002. Master of Science in Accounting (HKPU) .​ English Publication is now available on Amazon. Chinese Books Publication had been selected into the different Public libarary's collections . 

十多年專業經濟科教學經驗, 2002以高考全系前5名成績入讀中大經濟, 畢業後再獲理工大學專業會計碩士資歷, 熱愛經濟及金融科目. 教過的舊生數以百計, 來自香港及英國不同著名學校, 桃李滿天下. 除了日常教學, 喜歡不斷學習與自我提升的Brian Wong亦為活躍財經作家, 以不同筆名創作的書籍作品收錄至香港中央圖書館, 台北市公共圖書館, 新北市公共圖書館, 以至一些大學圖書館的館藏. 最新的中文財經圖書經嚴格的品質把關與篩選由一家國家一級出版社經新華書店全國發行, 可於東京當當等官網直接購買, 知識及實力非一般可比. 除了經濟科考試訓練服務, 也可指導金融投資理財等不同課題與內容. 

Author of Economics Guide Book :
Microeconomics (Ultra-Short Guide)
Now available in Amazon Kindle Store

2021/22 Summer Economics programs for GCE A level and IB is now open for Application 

One of the Top international economics exam tutor in HK. Full time teaching economics for more than 10 years, Have Independent office for his economics teaching since 2011. Proven track records.

Many students obtains excellent results such as A to A* in A level, level 7 in IB, A to A* for IGCSE. 

SKYPE Online tutorial service is available for students.  
What make the difference?
Brian successfully survive in the highly competitive tutorial industry for 10 years, my students can achieve good grade is the best reward to me. Without their kind referral I am very difficult to stay in such industry for such long period of time.

Teaching Features
- Excellent teaching experience which knows the weakness of students   
- Use specially notes and materials to fit with different exams
- Simplify those difficult contents into some simple ideas.

- Emphasis on exam skills training in the lessons which is the most important factor for achieving a good grade. 
- Supportive and encouraging character 
Brian 's service fee is similar to some  tutorial centre 's  tutor's fee, but lower than those highly experienced tutor. It means you can obtain high quality of service with lower level of service fee. The main reason is Brian run his own business and try to maintain all the cost in a acceptable range to avoid charging at a very high fee. Brian also open different kind of classes which the fee are as low as $300 per session which make professional quality of service with a reasonable price.  
Brian's Students

Brian 's Students come from different famous school all over Hong Kong. Including: Chinese International School (CIS), German Swiss (GSIS). South Island School (SIS), Island School , West Island, French International (FIS),  Hong Kong International School (HKIS), United World College HK. 

Brian is also famous for teaching UK A level syllabus. His students come from more than 40 different UK school from East to the west of UK such as Brighton College, Concord, Headington School, Wellington, King's College, Cardiff Sixth Form, etc.  See the below UK map which is labelled by my students

Many of my students achieved excellent grades in different public exam. Many A to A* in UK A level, Level 7 for IB, A* in IGCSE. I am glad that some student improved from C in school to A in the final exam. I am a tutor that emphasis on student 's improvement instead advertise myself as some stars.